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Self Installation Materials

Dog Fencing

Flexible, strong and easy to use dog fencing material

Metal Dog Fence
Metal core dog fencing or all metal dog fence base material to guard against chewing animals

Dog Fence Kits
Complete dog fence kits in different sizes and strengths for any application


Dog Fence Gates

Dog Fence Posts
Garden fence posts, sleeves and parts

Dog Fencing Accessories

Ground stakes, fence ties and everything else

Other Materials and Information

Dog Fence Photos

Photos of self installed fence systems sent in by customers. Also, photos of fence systems we've professionally installed

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Deer Fencing
Deer fencing online store with complete kits and accessories. Taller fence materials designed to exclude deer and other wildlife

Deer Grates
Structures typically used in place of an access gate across a driveway entrance

Garden Fencing
Complete kits utilizing the same strong, near-invisible mesh to protect gardens

Cat Fence
Complete kits utilizing the same strong, near-invisible mesh along with angled post extenders for cat containment

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 Dog Fence

Dog Fencing material for Dog Fences and complete Dog Fence Kits *made in the USA*

Dog fence solutions for small dogs or large dogs - safe NON-ELECTRIC dog fence kits

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Great value, quality up to 700lbs test breaking strength dog fence mesh with 15+ year average use rating ASTM Lab Tested and Certified:
Add to Cart Critterfence 700
High Strength Dog Fencing
4 x 330ft - weight: 38 lbs
retail price: $299.99
sale price: $177.95
Other sizes of this same type of dog fencing material here: Dog Fencing

With our new building in Torrington, CT we now ship from 2 locations on the East Coast and the West coast. All materials are in stock and arrive at your doorstep in the fastest possible time.

Please follow the underlined links to the left of this section in yellow for materials separated by type. For example, typical poly dog fencing material is found here: Dog Fencing. Also, complete dog fencing kits are found here: Dog Fence Kits.

If you can't find what you need, please give us a call at 860 921 7900 - we're here to help.

No one, online or in stores, offers stronger or better quality dog fence mesh.

A good example of our 5' dog fence kit installed in a backyard in RI. Critterfence 1100 poly fence mesh, blends in well from a distance and is easily integrated with existing landscapes:

Dog Fence 1 Dog Fence 2 dog fence 3 dog fence 5 dog fence 6 dog fence 7 dog fence 8 dog fence 9

Customer service is our #1 priority
A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau
4.9/5 star rated by Google Checkout customers
5 star rated by Ebay Customers with 100% positive feedback

A few customer submitted photos from Laurie W. in PA (click to enlarge photos):
PA Dog Fencing 1 PA Dog Fencing 2 PA Dog Fencing 3 

I have purchased your cat fence in the past and now that I have dogs, I have purchased the regular fence, but used my own posts.  We LOVE the fence and it blends right in with the landscape!  Thanks for the great product!!  -Laurie W.


A few photos from Veronica S. in CA

CA Dog Fence 1 CA Dog Fence 2 CA Dog Fence 3

"We did it!! Still some cleaning up to do, but all went well, gates were the trickiest to do and our hard rocky soil didn't make staking any easier. I'm very happy with the fence and look forward to when all the vegetation re grows and fills in the empty spaces. If you like I can send some photos in a year!! Thanks for all your help and quick response to questions. I am recommending you to friends! " Veronica S.

Our primary business for the past 18+ years has been the installation of this particular type of specialty fencing. Deer and wildlife exclusion, as well as pet containment, including dogs and cats, are our areas of expertise. We have helped exclude and contain animals for arboretums, universities, community gardens and many other commercial and residential sites. Over time, customers asked for fencing and components they could purchase and install themselves. Shipping daily, we sell direct to customers the same fencing and the same components we use to professionally create dog fences and perimeter fences for customers. The materials and kits are selected to not only be 100% effective but easy to install. Please give us a call directly if you need help planning your project or have any questions.


Our dog fence material has a few notable advantages. It's strong but lightweight, easy to work with because it's flexible, lasts a long time in the elements (also doesn't rust) and isn't very visible. From as little as 15 feet away the mesh blends in with a surrounding landscape backyard area. Near a tree line it virtually disappears. It's also less expensive than conventional fencing. For ultimate protection, overlap some poly mesh with a chew proof base as shown above. There are many sizes and configurations based on your needs.