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Flexible, strong and easy to use poly dog fencing material

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Metal core dog fencing or all metal dog fence base to guard against chewing animals

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Complete dog fence kits in different sizes and strengths for any applications


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Dog Fence Photos

Photos of self installed fence systems sent in by customers. Also, fence systems we've professionally installed

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Dog Fence

Dog fence photos submitted by customers and also dog fencing we've installed for customers

click to enlarge smaller photos:

Dog fence, dog fencing before Dog fence, dog fencing 1 dog fence, dog fencing 2 dog fence, dog fencing 3 dog fence, dog fencing 4 dog fence, dog fencing 5 dog fence, dog fencing 6 dog fence, dog fencing 7

Thanks to Phil W. from Southern CA for the pictures and comments. Phil has created an amazing enclosure for his pets, complete with a canopy. The mesh pictured is 5' x 100' Critterfence 1100.
"As you'll see, your product definitely did the trick.  My little dogs are now completely protected from the coyotes that roam the neighborhood hill behind our house, and I still have my fantastic view!" -Phil W.

Dog fence, dog fencing ma1 dog fence, dog fencing ma2 dog fence, dog fencing ma3 dog fence, dog fencing ma4

These pictures are of a perimeter fence we did for a customer in MA. The customer has a small dog that needed containment but also wanted to exclude deer and other widlife. We used Critterfence 800 fence mesh with a 1" opening black steel core base material. Through a tree line, the fence really blends in. Similar to a spider web, sometimes you can't even see it unless the sun hits it from an angle.

dog fencing, dog fence ct1 dog fence, dog fencing ct2 dog fence, dog fencing ct 3 dog fence, dog fencing ct 4 dog fence, dog fencing ct 5

These pictures are of another perimeter fence we did for a customer in CT. This customer also has a few dogs that needed containment but also had a problem with deer and other wildlife on his property. In the first picture, you really can't see the fence at all unless you pick up the white flags. The flags are used initially to make deer and other animals aware of the fence. Also, in the next few pictures, you can see the fence material base staked to the ground and bent inside. This prevents animals from pushing up under the fence to exit. Also, in the last picture you can see the visible difference between this type of mesh and conventional fencing.

Dog Fence 1 Dog Fence 2 dog fence 3 dog fence 5 dog fence 6 dog fence 7 dog fence 8 dog fence 9

A good example of our 5' dog fence kit installed in a backyard in RI. Critterfence 1100 poly fence mesh, blends in well from a distance and is easily integrated with existing landscapes. This would be a good choice to prevent dogs from getting up under hedges or plantings that they could otherwise push through.

A few customer submitted photos from Laurie W. in PA (click to enlarge photos):
PA Dog Fencing 1 PA Dog Fencing 2 PA Dog Fencing 3 

I have purchased your cat fence in the past and now that I have dogs, I have purchased the regular fence, but used my own posts.  We LOVE the fence and it blends right in with the landscape!  Thanks for the great product!!  -Laurie W.